Reactor Corridor 2-way Corner

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Reactor Corridor 2-way Corner compatible with skirmish games such as Star Wars Legion or Warhammer 40'000 or Infinity etc

Tile dimensions:  130mm x 130mm  x 65mm Height.

Each tile contains all the terrain features.

Any models shown are not sold or included and are shown for scale and example of use only. 

This product is sold unpainted, unassembled and some cleaning may be required.

Made_To_Order This is a made to order item and each scenery tile can take up to 10 hours to print

Please note: We are using the new Lv426 tile design of the rooms which does not have a door arch. This makes the rooms much easier to stack and store when not in use. It doesn’t affect the door placement or its function.

Scenery tile designed by


3D printed PLA


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