Zealot Assault Wing

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Pack contains 4 Zealot Assault wings with custom attack power bases. Please note: you will need to use spare flight sticks to make the best use of this product

Any models shown are not sold or included and are shown for scale and example of use only. 

This product is sold unpainted, unassembled and some cleaning may be required.



Each piece is made using either polyurethane resin or high quality Alpha grade casting plaster. Alpha is one of the highest end material with a special resin additive formula. It is a very hard, white 100% alpha plaster for use where high strength and surface hardness and durability are important. This is a much harder material than resin as it holds great detail and does not suffer from bendy sword syndrome. Every scenery piece is highly textured featuring many small details that make painting using dry-brushing and washes easy to do.

All scenery pieces are supplied pre-cleaned, unpainted and sealed ready for painting.




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