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Lv427 Designs


Buy printed versions of the fantastic rooms and corridors by Lv427 Designs

The tiles have been designed to reshape the role-playing terrain marketplace. They can be used for any game. When it comes to games, we believe all that matters is the starting forces, objectives and distances to an objective. Everything else is flavour and with a few house rules can be made to adjust easily. The Lv427 tile systems can be used with any game such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Infinity, Space Hulk, Firefly, Terminator, Batman, and Alien.

Made_To_Order Please bear in mind that we hold no stock of these tiles and each scenery tile is printed to order and each one can take 10 hours each. As such when you place your order we will give you an estimated shipping time for when your order will be dispatched.

All tiles are licenced with the kind permission of Lv427 to print and sell on this side of the pond. You can also buy the STL files at

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