About Us

About Us

We are a couple of long-time gamers who have played just about everything over the last 25 years. From board games to battlefields we have learnt that great scenery is what really brings your games to life. Everybody wants a fantastic looking battlefield with awesome scenery for their games and we are just the same as you.


That's why we make insanely cool scenery that allows you to create scenarios and missions based on what you see. 


We all enjoy a hobby that requires imagination and really great scenery can bring your games to life in a way that cardboard tokens just can't do. That's why we started Combatzone Scenery in 2014 to make it easy for you to create the battlefield you always dreamed of. 


In 2016 we were nominated as a finalist for the Independent Retailer category at the Wakefield Business Awards. We didn't win that time, but just being nominated means we know we are doing something that people love.


We are constantly creating new scenery designs and have a special members area where you can find rules, missions and scenarios for our models. You can join our member's area by clicking here


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