Chibi Battlefields

Chibi Battlefields

Chibi Battlefields allow you to create games that never quite left World War I but with crazy technology like walking tanks, diesel powered armour, uni-cycled vehicles, and armour plated cavalry!

Don't let the cute visuals fool you, it's a world full of angst, war-torn camaraderie and dark humour.



Please bear in mind that our Chibi scenery contains big or bulky items and there is just not enough space in the workshop to keep it all in! This means we will only be casting each order as we receive them. As such your order will have the 2-week window.  All you need to do is put your order in and we will get straight on it and in just 14 days it will be on its way to you.

You can download all our special rules for 3D battlefields and additional scenarios for Rivet Wars in our Member's area.  join-now-button-black


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