Star Base Scenery

Star Base Scenery

Have you ever wanted a change from fighting over the same half a dozen asteroids in the depths of space? Would you like to try an attack on a secret military base or massive killer moon?

The Star Base system is ideal when you want to fly those ground attack missions. Imagine fighting off an attack on your secret base or dodging between gun towers and dropping into a trench system intent on saving the world below you. 

With the Star Base system, you can add a dangerously low-level atmosphere to your campaigns instead of the featureless, cold of space. 


FREE X-Wing Mission:

This fantastic scenario was created by Biff Denzer and used to great acclaim at this years GENCON. It is a variant of Dagobah Dave’s original Death Star Trench Run where you can recreate one of the most iconic moments in film history, the attack on the Death Star. Our many thanks to Biff who says that anyone familiar with the original will recognize this variant, but there are several changes and additions to make this a unique challenge.

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