Armada Debris Field

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So much better than cardboard items
from on 13/05/2022
The design of the debris is fantastic and feels really dynamic! Very happy with this purchase!
Set contains 5 base plates, 3 'floating asteroids' sets (with 'satellite asteroids' attached to them!), two 'floating space ship debris' blocks, and the transparent pegs to put them all together. The very solid material is prepared plaster (ready for painting), and show exquisite detail.
Bought for use with Atomic Mass Games' Star Wars: Armada.
from on 08/09/2020
The debris field by Combatzone Scenery is an outstanding compliment to your Armada games. Once painted up, these models provide that extra level of immersion into the game. We've started to use the debris field in all of our Armada video productions.
Excellent quality!
from on 01/11/2018
The craftsmanship on the product was great. This made playing star wars armada twice as fun in my opinion!

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