Hanley's Hope Bug holes and barricades

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from on 28/10/2023
simple but effective markers for 2.5D floor tiles or spaceships
from on 15/03/2021
This is a pleasing little scenery set that allows you to replace the cardboard 'hole in the floor' tokens
from Aliens Another Glorious day in the Corps game with four much more satisfying and noticeable 3D elements.

The barricades make great scenery pieces for skirmish games. You get six of the same sculpt, but there's lots of nice detail in the stacked barrels, boxes and pieces of metal and positioned with different facings they don't look repetitious to me.

I think that if you were to use them to try and indicate a barricaded door (instead of using the little card 'barricaded' tokens from the game) they may not work as they would take up a space on one side of the door that a miniature may need to be positioned in - the purpose made barricaded doors would be much more suitable for this. That said, these will get a lot of use in my games of Deadzone, which is the man reason I bought them.

Great value for money at £6.

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