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Desert Skirmish set
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Contains 2 container tanks, 2 water collecters, 2 sump tanks, 4 small crates, 4 conditioner vents and wall sections

Supplied unpainted and unassembled 

Nearly gone. Usually ships in 1-2 days

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Awesome Addition
from Anonymous on 06/01/2024
This really ups the game experience and was fun to paint as well.
from Anonymous on 20/05/2020
Great scenery. Impeccably packed and shipped. It adds a real essence of life to my Imperial Assault games and RPGs!
very good product
from Anonymous on 24/08/2017
Easy to paint, easy to put and you get a better layout for star wars imperial assault. Great !
from Anonymous on 12/03/2017
Brilliant why to add 3D experience to Imperial Assault. Can't wait to get a rainy day to paint them.
brilliant .brings imperial assault games life .
from Anonymous on 26/06/2016
the product is very easy to clean and paint .

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