Ancient Temple Custom Order

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Ancient Temple Custom Order contains everything you need for the temple of your dreams!   Made_To_Order 

All you need to do is follow these simple steps

  1. Choose between Resin or Alpha grade plaster
  2. Decide on individual part numbers and amounts from the picture above
  3. Contact us and we'll work out a total cost and shipping price for you.
  4. We send you a Paypal invoice for your custom Ancient Temple order
  5. Sit back and relax as your Ancient Temple is made especially for you and shipped to your door

The Ancient Temple is compatible with 28mm skirmish games such as Star Wars Legion or Warhammer 40'000 or Infinity

This scenery is based around the excellent 3D prints by Imperial Terrain (with his kind permission). We have added a little extra CZS bling and texture so they are ready to paint and are ideal for people without access to a 3D printer who want some great buildings but with none of the 3D post print preparation.

Any models or tiles shown are not sold or included and are shown for scale and example of use only. 

This product is sold unpainted, unassembled and some cleaning may be required.



This Custom order may be cast in resin or Alpha grade plaster

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Prices, excluding delivery

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