Large Asteroid Base 2.0 (Upgrade only)

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Very Well Made
from on 16/06/2015
I'm from the US and I normally don't buy from a random web site I found and it took me a few weeks to commit to it, but I'm very happy i did. They have a lot of nice detail. The hovering parts are connected with a strong metal bar, drill mounted and glued in place by hand. They do not move at all. But the whole thing removes easily from the base and acrylic bar for transport or in game play when needed. Very well made and you'd have to really drop this a few feet or sit on it bad to break it. The Debris Fields to there bases are well weighted and wont topple over even if knocked with game pieces unless a lot of force was applied. I did have 1 slight issue but once contacted it was fixed immediately at no cost to me and I'm a very happy customer. I will be buying other products from this vendor.

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