Dice Towers

Dice Towers

High-resolution 3D printed dice towers. Add to your tabletop for the most efficient and easy dice rolling through possibly the coolest dice towers you have ever seen. 

The dice towers have been designed to reshape your game playing experience. With loads of designs, they can be used for any game. When it comes to games, we believe all a neat and ordered battlefield without dice littered everywhere is a thing of beauty.  These dice towers can be used with any game such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Infinity, Space Hulk, Firefly, Terminator, Batman, and Alien.


Please bear in mind that we hold no stock of these and your Dice Tower is printed to order. Each one can take up to 30 hours to print and as such, when you place your order we will give you an estimated shipping time for when your order will be dispatched.


Coming Soon!